3.5" Aluminum Driveshaft Ford Mustang 2011-2014 V8 GT Direct Bolt-In

3.5" Aluminum Driveshaft Ford Mustang 2011-2014 V8 GT Direct Bolt-In
Item# FMS1114GT35D-1350
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Product Description

Over 1400 3.5" diameter units sold in the last 3 years with 99% customer satisfaction rate.

The first TRUE Direct Bolt-In
Mustang Replacement Driveshaft

Unlike other replacement shafts, including CV style replacement shafts, there is NO adapter plate that can lead to vibration issues.

All of our Mustang shafts feature our New and Improved internal NVH dampener with 99% customer satisfaction rate.

Direct Replacement for your Factory Steel Driveshaft

  • Spicer 1350 series High performance front and rear universal joints
  • Independently torque tested to over 3900 ft-lb.(click here for test report)
  • Welds independently "guided bend" tested and certified(click here for test report)
  • Double balanced in 2 different mounting positions (to ensure vibration free operation)
  • Made from all new components
  • Alcoa 6061-T6 aluminum driveline tubing
  • No need to adjust pinion angle from Factory OEM setting
  • Shaft Weighs 20 lbs.
  • 3.5” X .125” Alcoa 6061-T6 aluminum driveline tubing
  • 14HP peak increase, and 16 ft/lb of torque increase
  • .21 Second Reduction in 1/4 Mile E.T.
  • Rated to 900 RWHP
  • Reduce rotating mass
  • Increase fuel economy
  • 1000’s of satisfied customers
  • Best Warranty in the industry
  • Money Back Guarantee
  • A driveshaft safety loop may be required in racing applications.

Free UPS Ground shipping to the continental U.S. All other destinations pay normal shipping charges. Signature Required for delivery unless explicitly waived by customer.

Customer Testimonials:


-Marty B.-Lehighton, PA

"I have recommended your product to at least a dozen other owners already. This past October I was at a Mustang meet with several thousand participants and I received 1st for "People's Choice". The actual finalists spent 2 days and 1 night on the deck of the USS Lexington in Corpus Christi. I am putting down 647RWHP and no boost or juice, all old school compression, lift, port & polish, and a great blueprint. Your drive shaft took better than a 01 second off my straight time and my gas mileage is up. My wife even noticed a smoother ride with the change."

-Rich H.-Leander, TX

"Wanted to setup my 2014 GT from the rear to motor, and to finish the job I added one of your driveshafts. Quality was great, price was right, why people pay the other more I have no clue. Once installed I was impressed with the ride and clunk was gone (so was a hunk of weight). My car launches hard, and I have 100% confidence in your product. Keep up the Good Work!"

-Alton F.-Benicia, CA

"I've been running your driveshaft for a whole 24 hours in my 2014 GT Track Pack Mustang. I am very impressed with the driveshaft and how it makes the car drive and even sound better! It's a great addition to my ride and compliments the suspension upgrades; Steeda sport springs, MM Caster Camber plates, Steeda upper and lower control arms and pan hard bar/ brace. This was money well spent! Keep up the good work!"

-Adam M.-Capistrano Beach, CA

"It gives me great pleasure to Thank Shaftmasters for not only providing a quality product and just as important quality customer service - I had the driveshaft installed on my 2013 GT/CS and from the first drive I could feel the difference - it is hard to describe but the car just ran better - it spooled up quicker and actually ran at less rpm's at highway speeds. I will be tracking the car with it all summer and I expect to see improvements in times. I bought it more for piece of mind as I run my car hard and with Hoosier Bias Plys quick time pros - it hooks hard . Thanks Again - I believe you cannot go wrong with this product Cheers"

-Peter H.-Raymond, NH

"Awesome product…. I installed one of these on my 2013 5.0 Automatic and instantly noticed a much crisper acceleration… I also get the peace of mind knowing that I have one of the strongest and lightest shafts on the market putting the power to the pavement. Customer service is second to none!!!!! I would highly recommend one of these for anyone in the lightweight driveshaft market."

-Frank J.-Florence, SC

"I received your driveshaft on monday, installed it the very same night. Very nice piece, great quality and perfect fit! I had a friend help me with the install, he has a 2012 mustang. He has a driveshaft from a different company, it was $250 more than your product. He was impressed and huge regret he didnt go through Shaftmasters. His driveshaft didn't come with thread locker, tap, or 12 point socket. Took him for a ride which made him even more pissed that your driveshaft didnt clunk when coming to a stop or leaving from a stop. Thanks!"

-Jeremy E.-Colton, CA

"Wanted to write a line to thank David and the team at Shaftmasters for a great product and help in buying a great product. The driveshaft came as they said with a nice install kit and the fit and finish was exceptional. I have no vibration at all well balance and fit a true direct bolt in shaft.The price was the best by far and shipping was fast and free.Installed in a 2014 Mustang GT premium at shop in less then an hour. I take great pride in my ride and is nice to see others take pride in there workmanship to see we as customers get an exceptional product."

-Gerald R.-Warfordsburg, PA

"Received the driveshaft and installed it the same day. No vibration issues and installation was very easy and straight forward. I should also add that it is a very nice looking addition to the car, almost a shame it has to stay hidden underneath it. Chock me up as another very satisfied customer."

-Michael P.-Rowlett, TX

"I received the drive shaft and installed it in my vehicle. Got to say it makes a big difference. Way more smoother and a lot less noise. I appreciate the help and the info you gave me on the driveshafts you guys build. I'm very happy with the results thanks again."

-Nick P.-Bakersfield, CA

"The driveshaft eliminated the clunking noises I was experiencing with the stock driveshaft. The Shaftmasters driveshaft is perfectly balanced. I haven’t experienced vibrations at any speed. The installation was extremely easy due to this being “the only TRUE Direct BoltIn Mustang Replacement Driveshaft”. They aren’t kidding either! Shaftmasters’ instructions were easy to follow and detailed even though this was a straight forward installation. It was as simple as unbolting the stock one and pulling it out from the driveshaft loop that was previously installed and then bolting up the new one. No adapter plates or anything else that could cause vibration. No yokes needing to be changed or trying to line up splines. The fit was perfect with no adjustments needed...even to pinion angle."

-Brent Y-Plano, TX

Read Brent's Full Review at: http://2011gtcs.weebly.com/1/post/2013/07/shaftmasters-aluminum-driveshaft-review-for-my-2011-mustang-gt-california-special-written-by-brent-yager-aka-yagermeister.html

"I would like to thank David & the whole crew at Shaftmasters for helping me get this car/project to where it is. David has gone out of his way to give the whole community a top notch product & is always willing to give tech advice. I sponsor this car straight out of my wallet so high quality parts are very important to me & this driveshaft delivers, easy install, no vibration & unquestionably the best design out there for 11+ mustangs in my opinion."

YouTube Video Testimonial

-Larry F-Creighton, PA

Watch Larry's 2012 GT run 10.78 seconds with a Shaftmasters Direct Bolt-In

"I am very happy with the Drive Shaft, it installed relatively easy and I appreciate the extra detail on the finish cut on the exterior of the Drive Shaft. Performance wise their is a definate improvement in throttle response, no vibration, in fact, I believe it reduced noise. I drove 90 miles today and gas mileage improved by about 1 mile per gallon."

-Thanks AL I.-Deltona, FL

"Thanks for the direct bolt driveshaft. We installed in my Bullitt. I think everyone involved was impressed with the whole package…quality of DS, the installation kit you included and how easy it was to install. The installer also runs a web blog and took some pictures and planning to run a story. That won’t hurt your publicity at all.

Question – one of the main reasons I made the switch was to eliminate the “clunk”. It accomplished doing that about 90% but there is still some noise. I can’t figure out where it could be coming from. I’m assuming it’s still somewhere between the driveshaft and rear differential but I just don’t see how that’s possible unless it’s connected with the pinion flange somehow. From a mechanical engineering standpoint, there is nothing that is not solidly bolted in there. Any ideas? Would it have been eliminated if I had gone with a new adapter plate or pinion flange? Thanks for your comments. Glenn"

Glenn, We can't see where an adapter plate or pinion flange style shaft would be any better (maybe worse). -David

-Glenn M.-Cary, NC

Read about Glenn's driveshaft install at: http://jimsgarage.wordpress.com/2011/01/